2023 started off with a bang when we picked up 2 Spider Awards back in March for our work with National Talent Academies and Webdoctor.

Riding that wave of success we were excited to begin submitting for the Digital Media Awards and we were delighted to receive the news that 3 of our projects made the cut!

Best website - Taoglas: elevating the online game

Taoglas, a leader in IoT, sought to level up their online presence, and we were up for the task. Together, we created a future-proof platform that boosted their brand and delivered tangible results.

Taoglas' journey with us began with a vision to reflect their exceptional company growth with an equally impressive online presence. We were excited to collaborate with a company that shared our commitment to high-quality outputs and customer success, even though our industries were different. By aligning the website's design and functionality with Taoglas' market position, strategic goals, and growth trajectory, we successfully developed an online platform that elevated their brand image. Throughout the process, our focus remained on delivering a user-centric experience that established Taoglas as an industry leader.

View our work here.

Best creative - MCD: where music meets digital artistry

MCD, Ireland's music powerhouse, needed a digital facelift, and we brought the show online. The result? A dynamic website that matches their live energy.

Our journey with MCD was a harmonious blend of digital artistry and musical passion. From the outset, we embraced the challenge, committed to delivering a digital presence that matched MCD's visual style and design aspirations. Today, the MCD website stands as a dynamic embodiment of the brand's energy and vibrancy. Visitors embark on a journey into a bold and immersive digital experience that sets the stage for unforgettable moments.

Best creative - the Kooba digital easter egg challenge: unleashing creativity

We love flexing our creative muscles, so we added a twist to our Mocktober fun with "The Kooba Digital Easter Egg Challenge." Our team's creativity ran wild as we created digital surprises for our users.

The Kooba Digital Easter Egg Challenge was a testament to our team's innovative spirit. As tech enthusiasts, we drew inspiration from the concept of digital Easter eggs—those hidden surprises or features tucked away in video games, websites or movie trailers. Our talented developers and designers enthusiastically submitted their innovative ideas, complete with rich user journeys, immersive designs and interactive prototypes. The level of creativity and excitement was contagious as the submissions poured in.

As we enter into the autumn months we're hitting our stride and gearing up to finish the year on a high note. The team is fueled by excitement and a drive to see some new decorations gracing our office shelves. Stay tuned for more Kooba magic in the months ahead!

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