Meet Angeliki Manolopoulou, one of our talented front end developers and the first patron of Kooba’s Berlin office. Hear from Angeliki as she tells us about Kooba’s presence in Berlin, her experience as a frontend developer and a recent accomplishment in her career.

What's it like working at Kooba Berlin?

I started working at Kooba’s Berlin office in August 2017. The office is in a really nice coworking space called Ahoy Berlin, where we work alongside some really great startups.

It’s really exciting to be at the intersection of new products and businesses. Germany is known for its innovative culture and we’re right in the middle of it.

So, Berlin sounds like a great place to work. What else do you like about Berlin?

I love how diverse Berlin is. You are free to do what you want, and it feels like no one is judging you. You can be yourself, you can stay anonymous– whatever you want to do.

Everyone is also super friendly, and there’s a nice community feeling. Oh, and the weather is amazing.

What does your role as a frontend developer at Kooba mean to you?

Well first, I want to say that I feel satisfied with my role, and I feel like I’m growing in the company.

When I joined Kooba, I had just finished college. I was super excited– and honestly I still am. I love how creative the company is, and how creative it continues to be.

And if someone were to ask me what frontend is, I’d say it’s being a designer but with code. Designers and developers – we both go through a process to find a solution to a problem. We just use different tools.

You mentioned problem solving; what digital challenge do you enjoy the most?

I am extremely passionate about accessible design and development. I recently passed the IAAP – Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competency (CPACC) examination and acquired my certificate, which has been a great opportunity to prove my knowledge and officially become an accessibility professional.

Digital accessibility is becoming more important by the day. I love contributing to a major industry change. There’s something extremely gratifying about creating websites that are accessible to everyone,  and being able to confidently assist our clients with their accessibility needs.

What’s your favourite Kooba project?

I have two; Volkswagen is one. Both design and development came up with creative ways to make the website look and function well – and the finished product is great.

Another is Asset Class, I loved working with animation, and it was overall a very successful project with a happy client. That’s what matters at the end of the day.

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