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Aligning digital presence with reputation

Asset Class streamlines operations for private equity and venture capital within a single convenient platform. With over 400 Private Capital Funds and $40BN in assets under management (AUM) within their platform, they've positioned themselves as a trusted entity when it comes to handling private capital. Asset Class wanted to leverage their leading industry position to tap into their desired markets. To successfully reach them, a new website needed to clearly communicate what exactly Asset Class does while also giving users a clear path to the end goal: more sign-ups and inquiries. *While the branding work discussed remains relevant, please be aware that the website referenced in this case study pertains to the 2022 version, which is no longer operational.

A revamped brand identity

Given the acclaim of Asset Class, the project aimed to create a strong online brand and experience to show the position held in their market and accurately display the quality and value of their offerings. Branding Asset Class as an industry leader (which wasn’t as clear on the prior site) would in-turn increase the likelihood of new client sign-ups and inquiries. The rebranding was multi-faceted, starting with a new, angled typography that visually mirrored the growth and momentum of the company as a whole. We then created a new palette to reinforce identity through color symbolism: blue for loyalty/ authority, green for modernity/ money/ safety/ luck, and navy for trust/ stability/ credibility. Last, we reinforced site imagery that hinted towards the themes of finance and technology while conveying progression, momentum, and movement.

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Building for high quality leads

We began with our UX review which involved analysing how the current Asset Class user interacts with the website. The analysis showed specific patterns in user behaviour that guided our creative process. Beyond user research, understanding Asset Class’s business objectives and the value of each lead helped us design for high quality leads. Building from the in-depth research phase of the project, we were able to work with internal stakeholders to redesign a site which would drive the highest quality leads to the site. The design took Asset Class’s growth strategy and desired markets into account, emphasising the acquisition of key geographical markets: US, UK, and Ireland.

Attraction & retention

Through auditing, we identified a number of ways to increase the likelihood of a user not only arriving on the site, but staying on it too. We strategised to improve the site ranking on Google and reduce the bounce rate to generate higher quality leads landing on the page. We also sought to increase page speed and improve UX functionality to encourage longer page visits from users, eventually leading to inquiry requests. To further improve retention, we prioritised content that gives a clear overview of what Asset Class does, the problem they address, and why their solution is the best option.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development

The result

A high quality lead generator

The new Asset Class site is a revamped digital asset that aligns with the success and reputation of the company. Not only does the new branding illustrate the leading position that Asset Class maintains in the Private Capital industry, but it instills trustworthiness between Asset Class and new site users. Designing for a rebrand, increased site engagement, and high-quality leads has paved the way to an online presence that accurately reflects the sophistication of Asset Class as a product. While the branding work discussed remains relevant, please be aware that the website referenced in this case study pertains to the 2022 version, which is no longer operational.

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