At Kooba, we love experimenting with new technologies and stand-out eye-catching design, but we’re obsessed with pushing the envelope even further. Animations are a perfect avenue for this. We are bringing animated features into more and more of our projects and the benefits of this strategy are remarkable.

Let us walk you through the top 5 reasons we feel animations can elevate your business. And if you want to see this in action, we’ve added some of our own animation examples that we’ve produced for our clients and how it’s helped them move towards their KPIs and overall business goals.

It brings your brand to life

Essentially with the most basic animation (which can be quite affordable and quick to make) the goal is to move away from a static website and towards a dynamic one with a little extra ‘je ne sais quoi’.  By putting a little movement into your existing assets (logos, key visuals etc.) we can make your brand seem more immediate and alive.

Check out the work we did for Home Instead Careers. With a small amount of animation in their visuals and CTA buttons the page became much more engaging.

Engagement without having to engage

We all know how important it is to be constantly interacting and engaging your audience. But of course this investment can be time consuming and never-ending. By automating this engagement with simple animations, a natural push and pull dynamic is achieved without any active work. For every action there is a reaction and through passive animation engagement, a relationship is built between your audience and your brand. That is with little to no effort on your side.

Our recently launched homepage for Ireland’s new Deposit Return Scheme is a perfect example of this. We created small movements in both the header and footer to draw in the users eye and add that extra layer of interaction.

It visualises your brand story

If your business sells an intangible product – perhaps a software or aggregator – this can sometimes be difficult to visualise. You can’t necessarily do a photoshoot as there are no products or personnel to capture. Stock footage can become tedious and breed a global monoculture that doesn’t resonate with your target. If so, animation is the answer that you’ve been looking for.

Take a look at our work on Aylien. This AI powered news application is not only hard to explain, it is incredibly challenging for our audience to envision. We created a contemporary, irresistible animation on the homepage to grab the attention of our audience and help them to digest the information they are receiving. We think it works pretty well – you be the judge.

It drives navigation to conversion

With even the simplest of tweaks, your user experience can wholly be improved. With cursor animation, your customer gains feedback instantly. This non-passive effect on the site breeds an atmosphere of acknowledgment, reassuring the customer of your attention to them. With CTA buttons adding a fun and intuitive element also, the right amount of animation can guide them on their customer journey where they can convert easily. All these effects will improve the interactivity of your website, which is the aim of the game.

If you’re reading this blog you’ve already experienced cursor animation on our own site, but see another version of this in action on National Talent Academy.

It makes your message memorable

With simple creative effects like our menu infographic animation on Flipdish we created a simple and effective animation where you least expect it. Jazz up your menu options while creating a visual cue that captures the north star of the company – to communicate that their product will make you money. It’s clear, it’s simple and it is easy to do.

So you can see why we have hopped on the ‘trend’ of animation, although of course we believe it is here to stay. There are so many ways in which animation can benefit your business and it doesn’t need to be at the level of a Pixar movie either. Even just a little bit of movement can be effective. Consider adding an animating feature into your website, get in touch with us today and see what would work for your business goals.

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