As the country reopens and we can start looking forward to getting back to normal this summer, it’s a good time to take stock of your website and digital landscape. Over the last year, many companies have had to adapt rapidly due to Covid. In many cases just to ensure they could survive the changes the pandemic brought.

Fast tracked changes were implemented both internally and externally with some of our clients having to make drastic changes to their business to ensure they survived (and thankfully all have).

So, in order to help you take stock, here are the key questions you need to ask yourself.

1. What are the key aims of your website?

This is the first question we always ask our clients on a new project. Mainly because it’s the most important. It will very much influence the entire project process. If you don’t know the answer, it’s a problem. If you are unsure, it’s a problem. It’s key that you are crystal clear. As once you have the aims in place, you can set KPIs against them.

2. What does success look like?

Once you are clear on the overall aims for your presence online you need to ask yourself what does success look like? It’s key for any digital strategy that success metrics are put in place from the outset. Based on your business and what you are looking to achieve online, it could be any number of aims including:

  • Number of new leads generated
  • Demo signups
  • Client signups
  • Number of products sold

The importance of knowing what success looks like ensures that you can then start to measure it. It allows you to learn from user behaviour and quickly discover what works and what doesn’t. Ultimately ensuring your online presence evolves to ensure you online spend clearly equates to a return on your investment.

3. Who is your target audience?

You are best positioned to know who your ideal client is. Knowing who you are targeting with the website will help you define clear decisions in relation to your online activity. What social channel are they on? What information do they need? What will motivate them to take the next step and engage (e.g. get in touch, sign up etc…)?

At Kooba we have the above quote on our wall to remind ourselves. There is no one more important regarding your website and they should influence all your online decisions.

4. What is currently working well on your website?

It’s key you know this. As it should point you in the right direction regarding what’s working and what’s not regarding your online presence. What’s driving customer engagement with your site? Typically for our clients, organic traffic drives the highest quality user with the highest conversion rates. If this is the same for your business, what is driving that organic traffic and are you ensuring that your website is positioned to ensure this moving forward. Tracking your user activity will allow you to learn more about your customer and their wants. Ensuring you are in a position to customize your site to better suit your client.

How Kooba can help

We partner with our clients to ensure they are maximizing their online presence. We specialise in designing & developing websites that are very much focused on lead generation. We are always laser focused on what our clients need to achieve online. Drop us an email if you there is anything we can help you with.

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