Ed Kelly
Written by Ed Kelly on 30 November 2018

We were delighted to collect yet another Spider at this year's awards last night, and particularly pleased to see our work with the Aviva Stadium recognised as delivering the best online design and usability experience in the country this year. 

The Spiders are recognised as the leading awards in the area of online and web design, so it's always a pleasure to pick one up, but it's particularly pleasing to be recognised for the outstanding work our design and UX teams deliver - not just for Aviva Stadium but across the board. You can take a look at the site here and read a little more about the project here.

If you'd like to be picking up an award next year, just get in touch and we'll make you famous! 

Ed Kelly

Author: Ed’s office mug says ‘I’d rather be in Sligo’ but no one really believes he’s from there, even though he is. He's also Creative Director at Kooba and in charge of colours, shapes and floating behind the designers screens offering annoying but impressive advice.