We’re delighted to showcase our latest work for the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, launched this week on time and on budget in true Kooba style!

As always with any project, creating something that looks great certainly matters, but wasn’t the whole story. The Aviva had a particular challenge around ensuring that information about getting to and getting into the stadium was as clear as possible. That matters for any stadium operator: dealing with confused attendees either on phone ahead of time or on the street on the day itself costs money and doesn’t deliver the best possible user experience.

In order to make getting there and getting in as easy as possible we built out an interactive ‘Getting Here’ feature responsive to the user’s current location and worked with Aviva to make the colour coded routes into the stadium and into a specific seat as intuitive as possible.

We also spent time building a dedicated events site that showcases the many unique spaces available to event organisers - and streamlines the process of taking any interest further. The intention is to strengthen the Aviva’s position as the premier event space in the city and drive additional revenues in this area.

And yes, we think it looks great too. Take a look for yourself!

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