At Kooba, we know that the landing page is a vital tool for every website. It serves as the initial point of contact between your business and potential customers, and most of your conversion rates occur on this page. In this blog, I have outlined five well-proven practices to help you optimise your landing page for success – converting more visitors into customers.

1. Speak your target audience’s language

Your aim is to garner the attention of your audience and communicate your message as clearly as possible. It is essential to use words that your target audience understand and are familiar with. And more importantly, ensure that your messaging is cohesive with your advertising campaigns to maintain consistency across all communication channels.

2. Design for different devices

Your landing page must look great on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet. With mobile browsing trends on the rise, mobile compatibility is crucial for performance. This is quite achievable: there are various plug-and-play landing page solutions available with built-in mobile compatibility features.

3. Keep your key CTAs ‘above the fold’

To engage your visitors, make sure that the most critical elements are visible as soon as they land on your page. Position your key calls-to-actions (CTAs) above the fold so your audience doesn’t have to scroll to find them. This way, visitors know precisely what desired action you want them to take – make it easy for them to navigate your sales funnel, one click at a time.

4. Provide visual confirmation

It's human nature to crave confirmation, particularly when it comes to online transactions. Once someone fills out a form, provide them with a thank-you page to confirm that their details have been safely submitted. This reassures them that their input has been recognised, and that their effort is valued.

5. Build for search

A successful landing page is one that visitors land on. Insist that your website and landing page become visible on Google and other search engines by optimising your SEO. Work with an expert to edit your URL, harness keywords, descriptions and backlinks, while working with affiliate partners to increase your traffic.

Think of your landing page as a conversion page – a tool to steer visitors toward the desired action. Your target audience won’t convert themselves into potential customers. To convert them, you need a high-quality landing page. Fill out our project planner now to enhance your landing pages and start converting visitors into customers.

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