Finding yourself spending less time on Insta? Well, it’s not just you. A recent report by the Wall Street Journal shows a rapid decline of Facebook, and Instagram usage, as TikTok simultaneously sees a dramatic influx in popularity. So what does this mean for marketers? Should marketing budget change? Since consumer behaviour is changing, is paid marketing a bit of a gamble?

When in doubt, a good default will always be investing in a website, whether that’s updating your content more regularly or executing a full-blown redesign. And we’re not just saying this because we’re a web agency; paid social is a crucial marketing investment. Social is where audiences are, it’s where you can reach new ones, and it builds connections with old and new users at once. So, your social media budget should shift from platform to platform, based on where your users are migrating to. But while paid media can get you thousands of impressions, it may not be worth the largest chunk of a marketing budget (in general, and especially in times of user behaviour shifts). The fact is that when people are online,  most online experiences, around 68%, begin with a search engine. That’s where your website and SEO strategy comes into play, and why it’s worthwhile to prioritise website performance.

And aside from the fact that most activity begins with a search, there are several reasons to focus on what a website can do for your business in light of social media behaviourial shifts. You don’t have to depend on algorithms of Facebook/Instagram etc. to showcase your content; a website is a place where leads can go to learn about your business 24/7. Also, a website is a custom way to illustrate your business creatively, beyond the campaign requirements imposed by social media platforms.

Overall, a marketing budget works best when a website and paid media are optimised together. Social media is here to stay, regardless of shifts in user behaviour. But ultimately, websites and SEO should take priority over paid media when marketing budget is tight or in times of uncertainty. Get in touch with our team if you’re feeling like your website needs some TLC.

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