Normally when we approach the end of the year, it's a time to reflect on what we've achieved and start planning for the future.

But what a year! At times it felt like it was just about survival, especially during the first lockdown when there were so many unknowns, and it was difficult to witness how some of our clients, who had run amazingly successful businesses for years, had no other choice but to shut their doors. I know we've seen some companies embrace the change and adapt but some, especially in the hospitality or tourism sector, had no other choice but to close up shop.

We feel very lucky that we work in an industry where we were able to continue our work as normal. Don't get me wrong, it was bumpy at times and we are still constantly learning how to adapt to the unique challenges that working remotely brings. Because collaboration is central to what we do the whole team being apart has been difficult and in some cases has disrupted our normal work flow. However, like so many businesses have had to this year, we've evolved our working style and learned to roll with any punches 2020 has brought. Overall the Kooba team have done an incredible job and have produced some of their best work ever.

A huge thanks to our clients that have supported us during this time. That unwavering support has ensured that we've not only been able to survive this year, but has put us in a position that we can continue to grow.

The team has continued to expand over the last few months and we are currently recuiting for the following positions:

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