UX reports - a compass guiding your business towards digital triumph. Let’s embark on a journey to discover why these reports matter and how to wield them effectively.

Why do UX reports matter?

Imagine your website as a bustling marketplace. UX reports serve as signposts, directing your business towards the most lucrative paths. They’re not just data, they’re the pulse of your online business. To get on board, it is essential to primarily understand why user experience matters in aligning with your business objectives.


How do you craft a UX report that is more than just numbers on a page? Put yourself in your user's shoes. What motivates them to visit your website? Where are they going upon arrival? Understanding the user journey is the first step to creating an exceptional user experience.

It doesn’t end there. A UX report is your road map to improvement. An essential aspect of the report involves illuminating any design flaws and performing issues, providing an insightful and interesting evaluation of your online presence.

The Inside Scoop

Wondering how Kooba crafts their reports? It’s all about the methodology, which sets the scene and serves as the building blocks of the full report. Usability testing, UI design reviews, competitor analysis, stakeholder and user questionnaires - each piece contributing to a holistic understanding of user experience.

Tools of the trade

Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics, page speed test are the tools that uncover hidden insights and shed light on any blind spots of your website. These tools are continuously evolving as new methods emerge, offering subjectivity to the individual compiling the report.

Consistency is the key. Why is auditing every 6 months important?

Old reports serve as benchmarks for guidance to success, to take the actionable next steps to the success of your website. Referring back to them is crucial for uncovering the effectiveness of past changes, identifying trends in user behaviour and tracking progress. Through this process of reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) , it ensures the continuous improvement of your website, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

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