In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, one question continues to spark debate: is email marketing a relic of the past or a thriving force for today's marketing mix? This topic fuels countless conversations among marketing leaders, prompting a deeper examination of its relevance and standing in today's contemporary digital world. Much like Indiana Jones exploring ancient ruins, today's digital warriors navigate the intricate territories of data analytics and consumer behaviour, seeking to uncover the true role email marketing plays within the interconnected world.

Any seasoned marketeer will recognise the transformative journey of email marketing through the years. With advancements in analytics, artificial intelligence and segmentation techniques, the ability to deliver personalised content directly to consumers has never been more precise. And here at Kooba, we recognise that crafting compelling emails is just the beginning. We're interested in being involved in our clients entire digital strategy, which most likely includes some type of seamless email marketing integration.

We're all about putting metrics to the test, so let’s take a moment to talk numbers. With 5.59 billion active email accounts worldwide, eclipsing the 5.04 billion people on social media today, we can argue email remains a cornerstone of digital communication, surpassing the reach of social media platforms. Pew Research reinforces this, indicating that 92% of online adults use email, surpassing the 79% who rely solely on social media profiles.

So what’s our verdict?

If we were to go on numbers alone, I think we could all agree that email is certainly still a strong communication medium. Underestimated, but unstoppable. But if you take a moment and think through all the fleeting trends that come and go, email has proven its resilience by adapting to changing consumer preferences and seamlessly integrating with emerging platforms. It's like the little black dress of marketing – classic, timeless and always in vogue.

In case you haven’t gathered, our answer to the question is that email marketing is far from being obsolete. Email marketing is not merely alive; it's thriving, evolving and continuing to shape the landscape of digital communication. However, success requires more than just sending out mass emails. It's about understanding your audience, refining your strategy and leveraging the power of email marketing to drive results.

And should you need some help finding exactly how this fits in for your business, get in touch and let’s talk. We’re all about defining your digital journey and unlocking new opportunities for growth.

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