In the online space, virtual events are something that have become increasingly popular, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea of holding an event with no physical location nurtures the idea that people from all over the world can “attend” and be a part of that event. We know these most commonly as webinars and webcasts, and just to clear up the difference between the two - webinars are traditionally designed for smaller groups and promote interactivity through discussion and information sharing between attendees whereas webcasts are usually meant for a larger audience and incorporate a live broadcast of an existing physical event.

The current pandemic has impacted countless industries around the world, but one of those mostly heavily burdened is the event industry. We’ve seen events nationwide, both on large and small scales, have to be cancelled or rescheduled because of this outbreak, but we’re making the argument that maybe the solution to this is taking events digital!

Find your digital event platform

We’ve taken the time to look through online event platforms and have come up with a list of 4 digital options for virtual event hosting that have great features and could meet your event needs.


WebinarJam is a cloud-based broadcasting technology and is our top pick and recommendation for holding a virtual event. WebinarJam offers a significant amount of features that improve the overall experience without having a price tag that drives people away. The service acts as a virtual podium for up to 6 presenters to engage with their audience and implements an easy to use chat feature to enhance interactions. WebinarJam has put the customer at the forefront by making the service straightforward in terms of use, but also making the software functional for users in various industries. WebinarJam differentiates itself from others in that it does not require downloads or for users to be in a specific browser while using the software. Additionally, the WebinarJam software allows for mobile viewing capacity and broadcasting flexibility allowing attendees to access the webinar anywhere and on any device.


ON24 is a San Francisco based company that offers a platform for marketers to have webinars that are data-rich and interactive. They specialise in driving human engagement and using tools to analyze that engagement to make better informed business decisions.


Hopin operates with the mission of “better connections, better planet” and focuses on connections and content within events. They take a sustainable approach to virtual events and are looking to cut out costly event elements and focus on the idea of bringing people together virtually and at no cost to our planet.


Zoom, which is known as a video conferencing software, has been one of the fastest growing online platforms over the last month due to the current global event. Zoom uses a cloud platform for their conferencing and webinar services and aims to make video communications frictionless to empower people to accomplish more.

If you’re looking to begin using virtual event services but have questions about how best to integrate them into your business get in touch!

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