This holiday season, we wanted to do something creative to reflect on all the innovative projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on this year. So, we put together the 12 Days of Design, with each day highlighting another design show stopper from client projects in 2023.

From sleek user interfaces to visually stunning landing pages, each day focuses on a unique pillar of our design philosophy. One thing that each feature has in common? It lives and breathes innovation.

Repak: interactive banner slider

With Repak, we crafted a sophisticated interactive banner slider to spotlight multiple case studies seamlessly. This feature ensures the delivery of relevant information without overwhelming the audience, providing a refined and uncluttered journey through the inspiring stories of changemakers.

Aylien, a Quantexa company: iconography and visuals

This website transformation is anchored by thoughtfully incorporated iconography and visuals, designed to communicate Aylien's offerings with clarity and impact. The fusion of graphics and icons not only breathes life into intangible products but also aligns seamlessly with our primary site objective: lead generation.

Activate Capital: video feature module

We've seamlessly integrated a powerful video module to redefine the site’s aesthetics. This feature not only captures the audience's attention but adds a dynamic visual depth to Activate Capital's vibrant portfolio. Beyond aesthetics, the video showcase serves as a compelling narrative, spotlighting the company's expertise, value proposition and making an impactful impression on potential investors.

MCD: text marquee animation

Through the strategic use of text marquee animation, we've ingeniously transformed static words into a powerful visual narrative, instantly conveying the essence of the brand. This innovative approach not only elevates the website's aesthetic appeal but ensures the swift and compelling communication of MCD's core identity.

Holoplot: video banner

During our collaboration with Holoplot, we sculpted an immersive visual journey by placing a video banner on their homepage. This feature masterfully transforms the website into a captivating narrative, offering an immediate and compelling insight into the brand's story.

Payslip: gradients

The integration of gradients onto the Payslip site not only turned the page into a visual delight but also introduced a play of colour and depth, breathing life into every facet of its digital presence.

RTB: flexible modules and engaging design

In this double showcase, we first harnessed the power of flexible modules to sculpt customisable building blocks, allowing the RTB to effortlessly communicate vital information.

What further sets this project apart is the captivating design created without any reliance on traditional photography, ensuring a visually engaging but distinct online presence.

Young Social Innovators: visual language

In our collaboration with YSI, we've meticulously crafted a website that transcends mere words, seamlessly weaving a playful touch into every interaction through emojis. The result is a virtual space that speaks a language resonant with the exuberant spirit of the youth.

Siren: intuitive sliding banner

This intuitive sliding banner gives users seamless access to a wealth of resources in seconds, elevating user experience and engagement.

Home Instead: animated brand elements

We embarked on a transformative journey with Home Instead by infusing vitality into static brand elements, including their iconic tulip logo. This transformation not only revitalised the website but also captured the essence of the brand identity in a fresh and dynamic light.

CEUD: banner quick links

Elevating the browsing experience, our quick links banner ensures lightning-fast access to key destinations on the Centre for Excellence in Universal Design's website.

Kooba: side-ccrolling sase studies

As a special treat on the last day, we chose a design favourite from the revamped Kooba website. The addition of a sleek side-scrolling case studies module serves as a pristine showcase of our diverse portfolio, inviting visitors into an immersive journey through our expertise.

As we unwrap these creative treasures, we celebrate not just the aesthetic appeal but also the thoughtfulness and strategy that underpin each design choice. It's more than just pixels and colours; it's about crafting narratives and forging connections. We hope these snapshots of our work spark inspiration and ignite a passion for design as we head into the new year.

Thank you for being part of our creative journey!

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