Working in a fast-paced environment is no joke. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't have it any other way here, however, there's certain essentials required in order to keep that fine line between fast-paced and stressful fixed firmly in its place. That's my job here and I've put this article together to let you know how I achieve this. Sure, its not veterinary science but it takes a certain breed to get the job done.

Sunrise, & Why It Matters

Yes, the sun rises every day. We all know that. But do we all really take notice of it? I'm up every morning once that big ball of fire shows itself and before you can say "What time is it?" I'm stretching myself in preparation for the day ahead. With stretching completed, its downstairs for breakfast and I'm out the door and greeting everyone I cross paths with. You may think to yourself "This pup is really overdoing it!" but I gotta say if you start the day with a growl its just gonna stay that way, start as you mean to go on. Perception is where it's at, this is how we get our creative juices flowing and there's no better time to start than in the morning.

Every act of perception, is to some degree an act of creation, and every act of memory is to some degree an act of imagination.
― Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia: La musique, le cerveau et nous

On Your Marks!

This next stage is crucial to kickstart a base level of good feeling among the team here. After all, not everyone is jumping outta bed as well as myself...if you could see what I've seen... Once I'm in the door I do the rounds, desk to desk, chair to chair, snack to snack, ensuring everyone in the team is in their place and I don't leave 'em alone until some of the good vibes I picked up along the street outside are passed on. The celver folk will tell you I can sniff out all of them nasty stress related illness and keep 'em at bay.

- I was a project manager before I found my true calling

Clockwork Green

There's a reason the human race invented time, you guys would be a mess without it. So why dont you always use it?! Seriously, I gotta bark to get these folks heads outta the monitors come lunchtime. I don't wear a watch, I don't need one. Believe me, I know when its 2 mins to lunchtime, I've got my cerebral clockwork and know better than you when you've got yourself stuck into a 20 min task too soon too late. Lunchtime hits, the light are green and we're moving outta here. You think you gotta finish that task before you take a break? Nope, you're gonna gonna take a break now and get it done so much better when you've given your mind the rest it deserves.

- Reminding the team to take their lunchbreak

By the Power of Canine

What you've read so far is the routine stuff. What comes next is where my true skills kick on. The innocent bystander may think I'm just passed out on my cushion or chewing innocently on a bone, but they totally underestimate the power of my senses. I'm literally hours on the lookout for the slightest sign of stress, I'll distract you completely for just a matter of seconds and have you right back to feeling awesome.

- Training in stress relief during my days as an intern

We've all been there, you're having a crazy, busy day and you wonder "How am I supposed get this done and get out to rock'n'roll in the park later?". When you got me to woof you outta that train of thought you're gonna get there! I've played around with being a project manager but keeping staff energy on track is where I'm staying. This office dog is gonna keep you healthy and keep this place movin' forward.

Keep on woofin' on!

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