Ah September. Back to school. Time to get organised. Your business website needs refreshing and your digital marketing budget is earmarked for it. So you’ve come to us here at Kooba – the website experts – to commission us to create a fabulous website. But what if we told you; you don’t need one?

Well not a brand new one anyway.

Is your mind blown yet? Let us explain…

Needs are different from client to client, but if you are looking for a return on your investment, sometimes this manifests in different ways. And although you want your website to be more effective, often an overhaul isn’t the magic pill you think it might be. Sometimes it’s a lot simpler than that.

As a bespoke digital agency, every brief that comes to us is analysed and our services tailored to your individual and unique requirements. We then find the best digital asset to achieve your desired outcome. Sometimes that’s a landing page. Sometimes it’s a video. Sometimes it is in fact a fully integrated website (bear with us!). The point is: different client problem, different digital solution. When you come to us with your business goals, we will give you the (sometimes surprising) steps to reach that goal. Which may or may not be a website.

If your aim is to achieve more leads, oftentimes it’s one lead that can make all of the difference. By investing in creating a funnel that makes the user experience easy, original, and dare we say, enjoyable, your ROI is entirely worth this enhancement. It’s as simple as making tweaks to upgrade and reinforce your online presence – progress not perfection.

So what are the ways that we can make your website not just look good but actually be effective at generating revenue (but also look good)? You want incremental improvements to your network of digital assets. Like video for example.

Over the last 10 years, communication has fundamentally changed. Through social networks like Instagram and TikTok, if you have something to say, you say it in 30 seconds (maybe even 15) through moving images. Now more than ever it’s show don’t tell. There is no bound to the insatiable appetite folks these days have for watching content. But if you’re not convinced by the binge watch culture already, a stat might do it – embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%.* So make sure to ABC: Always Be Creating (content). We’ll handle the embedding part.

Moving on from quoting statistics, maybe your objectives aren’t conversion based. Maybe it’s awareness or good old fashioned consideration you’re after. Rather than creating an epic multi-page site, a landing page can seamlessly communicate a condensed message while leaving room for a pithy call to action. Boom. Needs met.

What if we told you that maybe your assets don’t even have a place on your website? The strength of a loyal mailing list shouldn’t be underestimated. But to grow and nurture that following, you need to be generating value constantly. Remember the “C” word? Content is king. A regular newsletter might be able to plug the media void. Or it could be a blog. They’re still cool right? Of course they are, you’re reading one right now. These resources help with your search engine optimisation; they’re opportunities to showcase your work, and most importantly, they build brand. True, they can be time consuming. But that’s what we’re here for.

Lastly, you might see the merit in amplifying and recharging the way your website currently works. And you would be wise to. Making sure that your website loads in less than 3 seconds can be the difference between a lead and a leave. Site speed is an often overlooked vital trait.

Or maybe your user journey can be optimised by our UX team. Your audience needs to find the desired information in 2-3 clicks. We’re an impatient lot. So let’s make sure we are catering to the masses.

Accessibility is also something to consider. Everyone should be able to interact with your website. If they can't, we have a problem. Accessibility in web design is becoming an increasingly important standard and affects everyone with a digital presence...so every organisation. Luckily at Kooba, this is something we take seriously. We can help you take the steps to reach accessibility conformance.

So basically now that you know some of the solutions up our sleeve, we’d love to know what problems we can help you with. Our team is ready to investigate the inner workings of your current site and give you the answers that you need. Let us take the reins and add value to your online assets.

Get in touch and we can advise on best practices for your specific website goals.

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