As this final lockdown (hopefully!) comes to an end and we keep inching back to “normality” through the easing of restrictions, we wanted to take a moment to look back at what we’ve accomplished as an agency throughout the pandemic.

Nobody will dispute that at the beginning of the pandemic there was much uncertainty around jobs and how different companies would fare...we even said it ourselves, much of 2020 felt like it was purely about survival. But through it all - we’ve stayed focused on driving metrics that matter for our clients. Covid has changed how users operate online and we’ve embraced this change and learned how this has impacted our clients. Our client sites have evolved to suit both our clients needs and the target users' changing requirements.

Looking back at the past 16 months we could not be more proud of our team and the incredible work they have produced. It has been amazing to see Kooba’s top-level quality work continue from our kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and even attics in both Dublin & Berlin!

A huge thanks to all our clients for the work they trusted us with - keeping busy has been a great distraction. We plan to highlight this work over the coming months but for now, we’ve highlighted below a few of our covid era launches. We are also looking forward to sharing with you some really exciting projects we are currently working on.


The new Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) was launched in September 2020. DHGE’s mission is to transform healthcare workforce development and to achieve this it was imperative for the website to clearly communicate this - to be informative, easy to use and, most important of all, to drive more sign-ups and enrolments.

The new website achieved this with a full in depth UX review of their existing website and brought with it a radical new design, improved user experience and clear focus on driving more leads.

You can read more about our work with DHGE in our Dignity Health Global Education case study.


The revamped Institute of Directors (IoD) site launched in November 2020.

One of the core business objectives for IoD with the new website was to drive membership sign ups. We wanted to ensure this was brought to the forefront of the site with clear signposting and an intuitive user journey for potential members that would guide them throughout the member benefits and ultimately to the online application form.

The other consideration for the site was to enhance the user experience for current IoD members with a clear membership login and dashboard area. IoD wanted to bring more engaging content onto the site and promote upcoming Events and workshops as well as the resources and benefits available to its members.

You can read more about our work with IoD in our Institute of Director’s case study.


After winning a large public tender, we began working with Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) to carry out a major design and development project. We launched their completely overhauled online presence in January 2021 and felt this was a launch definitely worth popping champagne over!

The WIT site has a multitude of elements to consider and the ease of navigation of courses and programmes is key to the success of the site. To nail down the user journey we worked closely with WIT in our UX process and utilized a variety of research methods focusing strongly on a user centered approach that also took into account WITs business goals and objectives.

When it came to the backend of the site it was imperative that it was intuitive and easy to use since WIT had many different staff members updating relevant content at all times. The CMS solution was chosen because it not only had a clean platform that would protect the design integrity, but also because it required minimal training and would facilitate autonomy and flexibility for WIT for their routine content updates.

The WIT case study is coming soon so Keep an eye out to learn more about the project.

Cash and Carry Kitchens

The transformed Cash and Carry Kitchens site was launched in February 2021 and is a site we keep going back to because of it’s sleek, modern design.

Cash and Carry’s main goal for the site was to encourage sign ups and drive more high quality leads and we wanted to couple this with a stunning design that would enhance their visual presence. As with all of our projects, we started with UX and ensured we gained an understanding of what the stakeholders wanted to see as well as what the data told us about how the audiences were using the site.

The end product is a platform that utilizes beautiful imagery and video and communicates the high end brand quality of Cash and Carry.

You can read more about our work with Cash and Carry in our Cash & Carry Kitchens case study.

We genuinely feel that we have produced some of our best work ever over the last year and a half and are looking forward to sharing this with you over the comings months.

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