Ed Kelly
Written by Ed Kelly on 09 October 2014

The problem with having a flourishing design team is that at times we need to have more than one designer work on a single project. To address this, a couple months ago we started using a product called LayerVault. Here at Kooba, we are committed to using only the highest industry standards across every aspect of our work, be it design, frontend, development, or project management. LayerVault gives our designers even more control over their designs and allows for greater discussion and faster project progression. Our work is also always safe, as it is version controlled (think git or svn for the devs!) in the “cloud”. Now if we need quick access to older versions, or need to roll back to one of them, it's easy for anyone on our team to do that! No more “who's got version 1.2 of that PSD?”. 

LayerVault has completely replaced using hard drives and shared network drives in Kooba. [...] It saves Kooba maybe 4 to 8 hours per week right now, and that’s increasing.

ED KELLY Creative Director, Kooba

Not long after we began using the service, now-CEO Kelly Sutton got in touch with us to see if we'd be interested in doing a feature with them as an example of a best-practice design and development studio. We are delighted to have been selected to take part in this feature, and honoured that our work is being recognised in this way. You can read the post here

Ed Kelly

Author: Ed’s office mug says ‘I’d rather be in Sligo’ but no one really believes he’s from there, even though he is. He's also Creative Director at Kooba and in charge of colours, shapes and floating behind the designers screens offering annoying but impressive advice.