The start of the year is always an exciting time in the Kooba offices where the cold, often bleak, January is brightened by the anticipation of the Spider Awards Finalist announcement. We’re a competitive bunch here in Kooba, so the opportunity to go to a prestigious event, and maybe secure a win, adds an extra layer of enthusiasm!

If you’re not familiar, the Spiders Awards are Ireland's longest-running digital awards programme. The esteemed awards have recognised the remarkable achievements of our client projects and team in years past, and we are delighted to see more of our recent projects gain well-deserved acknowledgement.

If you've been keeping tabs, you may recall that last year’s event saw us snag 2 Spiders for Best Website and Best Collaboration. Fingers crossed we keep riding that wave of success! But even if gold eludes us this time, consistently securing a place as a finalist year on year is a massive achievement in itself. It speaks volumes about Kooba's dedication and passion for delivering design excellence and digital innovation.

So without further ado here are our 2024 Finalists,

Best Website: MCD

Best Website: Payslip

Best Brand: Tapybl

Best Brand: Vially (formerly IA labs)

Sustainability Impact Award: Repak Recycling

Our design practices don't just stop at crafting visually stunning experiences; they're geared towards leaving a lasting impact. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our digital partners for entrusting us with their web presence, allowing us the privilege to guide them through the digital landscape.

Curious about how Kooba's award-winning design practices could enhance your digital presence? Reach out to us, and let's find a solution to deliver on the metrics that matter. Who knows, along the way, we might even help you spruce up your office shelves with some stylish new decor.

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