To give some quick background of the challenge: Mocktober, started by US based agency Elegant Seagulls, is a Halloween themed design contest. It’s been a staple internal design competition here at Kooba for a number of years now and we love seeing what both our designers and developers create.

Perhaps one of the major draws to Mocktober is that it’s a time to throw the rule book out the window and let radical creativity drive all decisions. So without further ado, here are Kooba’s 2022 Mocktober designs!



“This year for my Mocktober I wanted to go full glam. Inspired by controversial fashion I created a micro site for Vogue to talk about the worst fashion mistakes, controversies made by designers as well as horror inspired clothing. It's a miss mash of a Horror Fashion Show. I wanted to play around with elegant display fonts and use an edgy colour palette.“



“My Mocktober submission takes inspiration from the popularity of the True Crime genre. I thought it would be pretty scary to flip the narrative and create a service for psychopathic murderers inspired to star in their own true crime stories.

True Crime is a new website where you can find everything you need to carry out and plan a murder, or so it seems. Behind the scenes, True Crime is a trap for catching dodgy characters with ill intentions”



“My Mocktober is a Netflix weblet advertising a fictional spin-off of the famous Bridgerton series. The re-imagined show 'Bridges Burn' flips the usual sunny narrative to an investigative thriller with an underlying social commentary: how women defying societal norms of the times were considered horrific and sometimes even witchy in the bygone era.”



” For my Mocktober submission I have created a Truth or Dare game minus the truth. Players play to survive, Watchers pay to watch. This game was inspired by the movie Nerve where users have to complete all dares to move onto the next stage, if the dare is not complete the user has serious consequences. Are you brave enough to play or just watch?”



“For my Mocktober submission I have created a micro-site dedicated to a post apocalyptic cosmetic clinic. Years after the apocalypse, zombified individuals can visit the clinic to revert the disastrous damages done to their human form. Our ‘cure-all’ elixir is made up of a few special ingredients from grounded human skull to toxic candy. Seeking to restore those immaculate human looks? Look no more!”



"For my Mocktober submission, I took inspiration from the comedy horror film ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’. I created a Cluedo card game based on the film's main concept: ‘If you draw the piece of paper with the X on it, you’re the murderer.' The game is available to buy on this e-commerce site."



"This year my Mocktober was inspired by the scene in the newly released film 'Hocus Pocus 2.' I created a landing page to advertise the product as a new method of transport in which one of the Sanderson Sisters, Mary Sanderson, takes flight on the new Broomies 2000 broom."



"My Mocktober submission is Bull-AI, a bully AI malware that just don’t quit. Inspired by the video game Bully and the boom in AI, going to this site retrieves your digital history and assigns you a Bully (without your permission of course). Your bully is personalised and learns more about you with time becoming constantly stronger and meaner. Every attempt to uninstall your bully will result in him getting meaner.Features include a chatbot who watches and comments on your entire online presence. You are also able to customise and unlock new bullies over time with more personalised stats. The bot also has a “Darker mode” in case its not mean enough"

Until next year, Mocktober! Get in touch to hear about the creative projects our team is working on.

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