Our Mocktober Design challenge is back again this year!

For anywho who hasn't yet heard about this, the Mocktober challenge was started by the US-based agency Elegant Seagulls, and it is a Halloween-themed design contest. It is a beloved internal tradition here at Kooba now, and we love seeing what our designers and developers come up with each year.

With Mocktober, the creativity is boundless and every aspect is in the control of the designer or developer. Here are Kooba's 2023 Mocktober designs!

Beyond redemption babysitters

by Conaill O'Dwyer

"For my Mocktober, I aimed to blend humour with fright by conceptualising a babysitting service operated by frightening clowns. The premise revolves around parents choosing to use these terrifying clowns to discipline their children when they are at their wit's end, thereby ensuring good behaviour..."


by Lauren Harkin

"‘Deliveryou’ - a food delivery service that caters to the unconventional tastes of the most daring connoisseurs out there. Drawing inspiration from the well-known delivery giant Deliveroo and the intriguing world of cannibalistic services found on the dark web, 'Deliveryou' offers a unique culinary experience."

RedTooth - sip, taste, and transcend

by Duncan Menzies

"Step into a world of refined indulgence with RedTooth, a groundbreaking wine brand and exclusive club tailored specifically for the vampire connoisseur. Crafted with the utmost precision and dedication, our bloodwines blend the finest, ethically sourced human blood with centuries-old winemaking traditions. Indulge in the darkness, sip the night!"


by Claire Smith

“'WANNABE - Where the Black Market & Barbie Dreams Collide'. Immerse yourself in a community that celebrates the surreal beauty of being flawlessly fake. Embrace the allure and join us in the revolution of plastic perfection."

The Kooba Halloween jokes microsite

by Elena Rimeikaite

"The concept behind this is an AI-powered website that creates daily jokes for sharing on Slack. The world can be a frightening place, so this year I decided to take the cheesy path. The use of 3D assets remains a strong design trend on the web, combined with organic layouts that guide the user through the page to discover the amusing puns and adorable assets."

Little horrors

by Josh Sharry

"Little Horrors, the ultimate solution to taming your tiny terrors. At Little Horrors, we introduce your tiny terror into the world of reality, teaching them to grow up and get rid of the devilish child inside. Who needs super nanny when you have our mentor, Stacey?

...terms and conditions do not apply."

Mini monster

by Tom Gillan

"The design concept for 'Mini Monster' revolved around introducing a range of unique monster companions, each infused with a distinctive personality. This charming world of wonder encourages creativity and laughter while providing you with a comprehensive care guide to nurture your adorable friend. Rest easy with our readily available emergency contact number."

Pumpkin carving

by Sean Smyth

"My concept was quite straightforward: pumpkin carving, but make it web! With a pumpkin gallery for inspiration and a carving station ready to go, it's easy to start slicen' and dicen' your own creation."

Technology meets terror

by Alan Murray

"Have you ever watched in envy as the final girl or guy fights for their life against a deranged killer in a Slasher movie? Think you could do a better job? It's time to prove it. Slashr transports you into your very own horror movie. Fight to the death with the most iconic killers in cinematic history, all in bone-chilling, virtual reality."

Until next year, Mocktober! Get in touch to hear about the creative projects our team is working on.

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