What started as a fun internal project at Elegant Seagulls, has fast become one of the most prestigious design contests in the world. Participants are tasked with creating their own Halloween themed design with the winner then selected based on creativity, design, and personal push, all in pursuit of the prestigious GOAT Mocktober trophy.

Here at Kooba, we take Mocktober very seriously. It has become a very real and very serious competition with whispers running through the slack channels for weeks now in excited anticipation. Make no mistake, we know how talented our designers and developers are, we see it in the outstanding commercially driven sites they produce for our clients everyday. But Mocktober gives the whole team (and not just our artsy designers) the chance to really get creative, think outside the box, and just go a bit mad!

We’ve compiled this year's entries as well as a brief synopsis of the concept for each below. Check them out and make sure to keep an eye out on our social media channels for the big announcement to see which entry will take home our Kooba Mocktober Trophy this year.

Dylan MacKay

Mocktober Title: Kooba Mocktober Landing 2020

“For my submission this year I decided why not pay homage to my amazing co workers here in kooba. 2020 is a tough year so why not highlight the positives. One things for sure, we’re positively a great bunch of people in Kooba. For my concept this year I wanted to create a landing page that highlighted our own internal competition that occurs every year alongside the main elegant seagulls one. I want to highlight the past winners and the good times we had celebrating. Here’s to another good Mocktober you spooky freaks.”

Brendan MacDonagh

Mocktober Title: Boompreme

“For my Mocktober submission I went searching for an idea that would be very 2020. With the drippin’ Gen Z out in force and the end of the world conspiracy theories more popular than ever, I wondered what the young goblins and ghouls are shopping for online. Boopreme is an underground streetwear brand for all the secret spookies. With 2020/the world coming to a close, they are launching their fall (to your doom) collection for a styling and limited apocalypse.”

Duncan Menzies

Mocktober Title: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

“For this year’s Mocktober challenge, I was deeply inspired, as well as disturbed by one of the most talked about series of 2018 - The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Taking inspiration from the show’s lavish costumes & vibrant colours, I created a homepage concept, outlining the timeline of the events, leading up to Gianni’s gruesome murder, while showcasing the designer’s very last fashion show.”

Amy O’Brien

Mocktober Title: Ratched

"After I watched Ratched on Netflix, it's creepy alluring set designs, beautiful costumes and gruesome killings gave me the perfect inspiration I was looking for, for my 2020 Mocktober"

Josh Gregory

Mocktober Title: Cornfields


“This is my first year taking part in the mocktober challenge with Kooba. There has been a great buzz around the team leading up to this challenge with sharing ideas and racing to get this year's trophy. My submission is 'Cornfields'. Taking inspiration from my experience at a pop up horror night, I decided to re-create an adaptation of horror experiences which has all my worst nightmares buried into one experience. Outlining the history behind a location and creating a dark murky vibe to get those teeny tiny hairs on your back standing. Why not book your ticket for this year's cornfields experience? You sure won't miss out on a fright! Unmute to meet Rosie....”

Andre Fantin

Mocktober Title: Apoc-AI-lypse

“Feeling trapped in 2020? Not to worry, the good news is that you’re not alone - we’re all in this pandemic-stricken year together. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad and the bad news is that some entity is behind the wheel controlling our lives...or would it be from behind the dashboard? Apoc-AI-lypse is the evil tool that is being used to control our lives. So far we have seen it set off unforeseen natural disasters, put the world in a health crisis and never ending lockdown and ultimately, it has prevented us from moving on with our lives. If only one of us could get through the screen and take control, we could reset this diabolic AI and put the world back in order.”

Angeliki Manolopoulou

Mocktober: Stephen King Collection

Since this year has been the spookiest of them all so far, I decided to go with the master of horror, Stephen King. Being a huge fan since I remember myself, I enjoy reading his books, so what would be better from a showcase of my favourite horror ones? The website banner features an amazing illustration by artist Jordan Monsell, called “King County”, in which more than 170 books are visually referenced. Can you spot them all? In these dark times we try to find our happiness in the everyday things. I do it through reading. I’ll leave you with a saying from the master himself: “Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

Elena Rimeikaite

Mocktober Title: Maniac


“This year for my Mockober I wanted to do a mockup for “Maniac” a phycological dark comedy/drama on Netflix. The show is about a company called Neberdine Pharmaceutical and Biotech that claims to be able to cure the mind. Some might say it is not spooky, but what is spookier than being stuck in your own mind. I was also captivated by the computer GRTA and other sci-fi themes. My design plays on Neberdine branding, featuring an IBM font and rainbow features.”

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