Building on the success of the Digital Media Awards where 8 of our clients were finalists, Kooba now also has 5 nominations across 3 different categories at this year's Spider Awards. The Spider Awards are a hugely prestigious digital awards ceremony in Ireland and is the longest running competition with this year being the 25th anniversary. As such, it is a great achievement to be nominated and an amazing opportunity to add to our existing Spider Award titles. 

Best Website Category

This year we have had 3 nominations across the best website category - Flipdish, Holoplot and Screen Ireland. It is always great to see our team's work being recognised across the board and we’re proud to say that the two of these websites were also finalists for Best Website at the Digital Media awards in November. There are a number of ways to gauge the success of a website, first and foremost being increased traffic and business leads for our clients, however, multiple award nominations are also very rewarding for our team and well deserved. 


Flipdish is a global software business headquartered in Dublin offering white label digital ordering and marketing solutions to the restaurant and hospitality industry. The Flipdish website is a result of over 10 years experience of designing and developing high end world class conversion led website projects. It is our flagship website and we worked closely with Flipdish under fully remote conditions with multi-disciplinary Kooba teams working to ensure delivery was smooth and the final product effective.

The key objectives of the site are to drive high quality leads to the conversion funnel and position the brand and messaging to attract both high-value, multi location restaurant and hospitality enterprise businesses, as well as single location restaurants and takeaways. The new website undertook a huge visual change in an effort to position the brand as an industry leader. This coupled with key module changes identified within the UX allowed Flipdish to present itself as a complete solution while ensuring each user journey had a clear path to an end goal. Overall the site is not only a huge visual leap forward but the results clearly show how it directly addressed our user problems and exceeded commercial expectations.


We partnered with Holoplot in 2019 and they have quickly become one of our key Kooba Berlin clients. Holoplot is a pro audio company in Berlin whose work has been focused on disruptive and innovative audio technology by reimagining the underlying physics of sound technology.

Holoplot’s mission is to push the boundaries of what is possible and provide unparalleled, breathtaking experiences and through this they have come up with a solution called, the HOLOPLOT Matrix Array, which is science-based, software-driven, and hardware-enabled.

The Holoplot project presented one of the toughest challenges for any designer, how do we make a website visually capture the experience of sound? The goal here was to ensure the website was as immersive as the in person audio experience and to achieve this we took a new approach of putting the focus on the product and what it can do. In doing this we pivoted the website from an informing site, to that of a product-driven website.

Screen Ireland

Kooba and Screen Ireland have been working together for 6 years now and throughout our relationship have successfully completed a number of major projects, including our most recent merging the Screen Ireland and Screen Skills websites. The project ran in tandem with the corporate brand refresh of Screen Ireland which created the perfect opportunity to transform the Screen Ireland and Screen Skills site into one seamless digital hub.

The initial phase of the project involved reworking the site to allow for the smooth integration of two sites into one intuitive platform catering to multiple user groups and creating an immersive experience as soon as you land on the site. Using an innovative Industry/Audience toggle functionality we were able to achieve eye-catching transitions between each version. The new site represents the future of Screen Irelands online presence and sets the foundation for the organisation to continue to build their digital portfolio.

Best E-Commerce Website

Institute of Directors in Ireland

Having also been nominated for a DMA, the IoD website has been named as a finalist in the e-commerce category. We began working with IoD on a full site transformation that brought a more professional look and offered robust functionality to help them to continue building their dynamic network. The main objectives for this project were to position IoD Ireland as leaders in their field, grow their new member base while retaining existing members, and finally, create a digital presence and real benefit for members.

The project involved an extensive conversion focused UX process which informed us on what areas were damaging to the user experience and frustrating for members and non-members alike. Using this data in a collaborative effort with IoD Ireland we updated the site using their new branding across a clean and contemporary user-centric design structured around IoD’s goals and objectives. We also provided IoD with an industry leading Content Management system and provided them with full training and support to allow them to take control of their content strategy. Since the site’s launch in November 2020 we have seen incredibly positive results, most notably, the dramatic increase in site performance as well as the significant increase in both event and course bookings

Large Agency of the Year

Finally, among the many awards and nominations Kooba have received this year we are honoured to be among some great company in being nominated for the Best Large Agency of the year. Of course, it would not be possible to be nominated for best agency without having some great clients to work with and we have developed some amazing relationships with our clients allowing for great results and achievements on both sides so we are thankful to all our clients for their support. Additionally, this would not be possible without our superstar team who have gone above and beyond, working tirelessly to help achieve our client’s goals and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved as a team over the past year.