Emmet Dunne
Written by Emmet Dunne on 11 April 2016

So we have been quiet of late. Mainly becuase we've been busy launching new sites both here and in Berlin. 

A sample of some of our Dublin HQ site launches can be seen here:

Berlin bringing new staff, sites and office

In addition to adding Dorrette to the Berlin team, recent launches include the following:

We've also moved to new offices:


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We are hiring

We are also looking to hire at the moment here in Dublin. Please visit here for more information on the UI/UX roles. In addition to these positions, we are also looking to add the following:

  • ExpressionEngine Developer
  • Project Manager

Send us an email if interested.

Emmet Dunne

Author: Emmet is the founder and Managing Director at Kooba. That role involves a few tasks but most importantly, he looks after Tommy the office dog.