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"Website Of The Year" 2021


A complex service offering - made simple

Acknowledging that they had a complicated offering, Vizor wanted to create a more user-friendly, intuitive site that presented dense, complex information in a clear and engaging way. The goal was to create a coherent, persuasive and flexible digital hub that supports lead generation and sales growth. *Vizor was acquired by Regnology in 2022 and the website made redundant.


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increase in page views

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A multifaceted project approach

We undertook a full UX audit, starting with survey and interview findings and delving further into analytics, Hotjar, site performance, and form analysis. As part of this process, it was felt that the site could do more to direct users to product content - seen as central to encouraging conversion. Based on these insights, we progressed into UI work, and worked with Vizor to depict the visual direction. We knew we needed to adjust the site structure to clearly reflect 3 'solution funnels' and align the navigation with each product's distinct aspects. This approach was brought one step further with clear branding and visual language created for the 3 solution funnels.

Showcasing Vizor's strengths through both the product and resources area

Part of Vizor's content strategy and improved user experience was reimagining the Resource area. This section needed to be visually attractive, with the core information clearly displayed. We ensured the information was clearly signposted on the homepage, and introduced an interactive element that allowed the user to decide what action would be taken. We also followed our '3 funnels' logic, separating the content by streams and type of information, giving users full control of their next step.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • Iconography and illustration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

An award-winning digital hub that is helping Vizor to generate more high quality leads across business streams.

The Vizor site is now a clear, coherent, persuasive and flexible digital platform that is designed and built to support Vizor’s strategic goals, which of course are essential for sales growth. Since launch, we have identified a 286% increase in monthly average leads, and a 20% increase in qualified leads. Vizor was acquired by Regnology in 2022 and the website made redundant.

Award Ceremony Year
Best Website Digital Media Awards 2021
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