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Revolutionizing The IoT Landscape


A synergetic partnership

Taoglas, a standout performer in the IoT field, recognized the need to reflect their exceptional company growth with an equally impressive online presence. To achieve this vision, they engaged Kooba to completely transform their digital landscape. The collaboration was an exciting prospect for us, as Taoglas shares our ethos of prioritising high-quality outputs and customer success, even though we operate in different industries.

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Increase in pages per session


Decrease in bounce rate

Digitally amplifying taoglas' global influence

Our primary objective was to create a compelling online brand and a seamless user experience that truly reflects Taoglas' prominent position in the global market. A core part of this strategy was to enhance the perceived quality and value of Taoglas' three key product offerings: Antenna, RF and Audio; OEM IoT Solutions; and Connected Smart Services. Our aim was to translate this elevation in brand positioning into tangible improvements in key onsite metrics.

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Tech-infused design

The foundation of the concept design centred around elevating Taoglas' brand identity and showcasing their unique technological innovations. To achieve this, the website embraced a tech-focused look and feel, leveraging bold typography and immersive 3D assets to tell a captivating story about their cutting-edge solutions. The concept design was a seamless blend of tech-inspired aesthetics and user-centric approach. By spotlighting Taoglas' brand identity and innovative technology through immersive visuals, intuitive navigation, and effective CTAs, the website successfully achieved its goals of enhancing user engagement, driving conversions, and strengthening the relationship between Taoglas and its audience.

Dynamic product showcasing

With a focus on Taoglas' three key product offerings, we leveraged innovative design techniques to showcase their advanced technology solutions effectively. Interactive 3D product models allowed users to explore products from all angles, providing an immersive and engaging experience. Detailed technical specifications and downloadable product sheets were readily accessible, catering to the needs of product designers seeking in-depth information. By creating a visually compelling and informative product showcase, we facilitated a streamlined user journey that led to increased product interest and higher-quality leads.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

Achieving outstanding results through innovative design

Through the incorporation of cutting-edge elements, we elevated Taoglas' digital presence to unprecedented heights and achieved remarkable tangible results. Our strategic approach drove increased user engagement, conversions, and solidified Taoglas as a leader in the global market. The website redesign exemplifies a significant advancement in both design and complexity compared to the old website. With enhanced visuals and a wealth of content, the new site offers a vastly improved user experience, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

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