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Upskilling Programmes to Enhance Business Competitiveness

Skillnet Ireland is a business support agency of the Government of Ireland, responsible for advancing the competitiveness, productivity and innovation of Irish businesses. It aims to connect businesses and their workforces with strategic talent development programmes and encourage investment in talent. To fulfill this mission, Skillnet chose Kooba as their trusted partner to ensure clarity and purpose in their website design. With a firm understanding of Skillnet’s audience and digital objectives, we created a platform tailored to meet users' needs and fulfill Skillnet's vision. Project success included enhancing the user journey and presenting information seamlessly all while embodying Skillnet’s brand's ethos of being informative, engaging and intuitive.

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Unlocking Engagement Beyond Desktop

Kooba identified the key challenges within Skillnet's digital ecosystem, particularly concerning mobile engagement metrics and user experience. Despite a significant share of traffic coming from mobile devices, engagement metrics fell short compared to desktop usage. Our in-depth analysis revealed limited interaction with the homepage and minimal scrolling, indicating potential design and content issues. To remedy this, we developed a comprehensive strategy focused on optimising the mobile experience. We implemented measures such as reducing page length, enhancing visual design elements and prioritising essential content for mobile users. By targeting these areas for improvement, we aimed to not only increase mobile engagement metrics but also deliver a more satisfying user experience tailored to Skillnet's diverse audience.

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Strategic CTA Placement and Engaging Digital Presence

Our analysis of Skillnet's digital platform revealed issues in user interaction and engagement, as well as in UX design alignment with user goals along with navigation challenges from an over reliance on keyword search, and the need to optimize CTAs for different devices. To tackle these, we conducted a comprehensive redesign of the homepage banner, refining primary CTAs for intuitive navigation. In response to the demand for a more engaging digital presence, Kooba revitalised Skillnet's frequented pages with vibrant visuals, dynamic elements, and strategic content optimizations, fostering an immersive experience. Addressing text density, we incorporated varied typography and imagery to enhance readability. These efforts aimed to solidify Skillnet's position as a leader in upskilling and training, leveraging human-centred design to drive user engagement and empowerment.

Committing to Digital Accessibility

As part of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Kooba prioritised adherence to accessibility standards, conducting thorough audits to identify and rectify any accessibility issues. Our dedicated team worked diligently to ensure that Skillnet's digital platform met the needs of all users, regardless of their abilities or limitations. By addressing these challenges and implementing targeted solutions, such as optimising screen reader compatibility, improving keyboard navigation and enhancing colour contrast, we aimed to enhance user engagement and streamline navigation. These efforts were integral to improving the overall user experience, ensuring that Skillnet's digital platform was accessible to all and aligned with best practices in accessibility compliance.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration

Empowering User-Centric Leadership

Skillnet is now poised as a frontrunner in its sector, ready to meet the dynamic demands of its audience and propel sustainable growth in the digital realm. The partnership between Skillnet Ireland and Kooba yielded remarkable results in transforming Skillnet's digital ecosystem into a beacon of user-centric innovation. By addressing critical challenges in mobile engagement metrics, user experience and accessibility, Kooba's strategic interventions have not only elevated Skillnet's digital presence but also solidified its position as a leader in the upskilling and training industry. Through innovative design solutions, and a relentless commitment to user needs, Kooba has empowered Skillnet to fulfil its mission of connecting businesses with strategic talent development programs while embodying clarity, engagement and purpose in every interaction.

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