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A Digital Space for Tenants and Landlords


A collaborative reinvention of RTB's digital presence

Within Ireland, the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) stands as a key information source offering pivotal services and operation procedures. Kooba, entwined in a longstanding digital partnership, worked with RTB to take their website to the next level. Given our extensive knowledge of the site, we took key findings from a sitewide UX audit to pave the path toward new design rollouts including: Information Architecture, New User Flows, Accessible Design and all key Modules. *Kooba's responsibilities are limited to the design and development of the public facing website. Any matters pertaining to the my accounts portal, payment portal and login access are not within our purview.

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Revitalised brand presentation and performance

To achieve RTB's optimised content strategy, we embarked on a comprehensive initiative to revamp the brand and deliver an engaging online experience. Our focus centered on presenting forms, guides, publications, Irish language materials and corporate information in a clear and consistent manner. Emphasising a seamless user experience across mobile and desktop platforms was pivotal. Balancing high performance with design aspirations was a priority—ensuring that our design enhancements didn’t compromise the site's performance while maintaining a robust and efficient platform.

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A seamless tenancy hub

Anchored by RTB's KPIs, our mission encompassed the complete overhaul of the homepage and inner page designs, elevating search functionalities and strengthening the site's overall performance. It was important for the site to take steps toward a more intuitive and accessible digital realm for tenants and landlords alike. Our UX team meticulously crafted strategies aimed at optimising the website to its fullest potential. Such strategies included creating clear and easily navigable pathways on the homepage to highlight crucial tenancy information, a uniform layout across all inner pages to maintain a cohesive user experience and enhanced filtering options to provide users with more tailored search functionalities. These goals streamlined the tenancy experience and provided their audience with a more intuitive, efficient and ultimately satisfying interface.

Tailored strategies for user interaction

Our team prioritized clear headings and user-friendly navigation to reduce cognitive load and enhance satisfaction, particularly for users seeking specific tenancy-related details. This approach has proven successful through analytics, showing improved access to vital information, resulting in quicker achievement of user goals. By refining the information architecture, we cultivated an environment where locating relevant content became effortless, fostering a more gratifying website experience. In addition, we implemented comprehensive strategies to boost user interaction, employing visual cues and tailored information via customized landing pages. This personalized approach heightens relevance and engagement for our audience. Technically, our redesigned framework addressed site performance concerns, ensuring optimal functionality and incorporated CMS updates to further improve user experience.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • CMS integration

The result

Streamlined design and enhanced functionality drove improved user experience and performance metrics, emphasizing increased efficiency and quicker goal attainment.

RTB's digital revamp significantly boosted user experience and performance metrics. Clear CTAs in the navigation bar streamlined user journeys and improved sitewide functionality. With a flexible, modular design, page updates became seamless, ensuring an easily maintainable site. Improved module visibility and hierarchy enhanced readability and flow. Metrics like session duration and views per session decreased, signaling increased efficiency and faster goal achievement. Despite minor fluctuations in user metrics, high engagement remained consistent across devices. Successful CTAs are effectively directing traffic to key pages, showcasing promising user interaction. Planned enhancements through related links are set to optimise user experiences, promising further improvements.

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