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Digitally communicating a founding vision and philanthropic mission

With a rich history dating back to 1731, RDS has consistently aimed to foster cultural and economic growth in Ireland. From the beginning, our mission was to develop a website that captured the experience and value they bring to the table. Our planning process consisted of a comprehensive analysis of website functionality, ultimately leading us to prioritise three key aspects: enhancing user engagement, optimising the mobile experience and improving overall site performance.

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Perfecting mobile user journeys

With a significant portion of RDS's user base accessing the website through mobile devices, the user experience was intentionally designed to increase engagement. Specifically, we wanted to make the mobile design more intuitive and user-friendly with quicker load times. We used lightweight design elements and advanced caching techniques to improve site speed. We also focused on enhancing SEO, as most traffic was organic, ensuring keyword-rich content and optimised site structure. High-traffic pages were made more mobile-friendly, and we implemented a seamless user journey. These measures ensured an engaging, efficient browsing experience across devices.

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Elevating engagement & interaction

In redesigning RDS's website, enhancing user engagement was at the core of our approach. While the original website held returning users, we found that the amount of time individual users spent on the site was low, and the number of users leaving the site after viewing a single page was high, indicating engagement levels could be improved. Our redesign aimed to make the website more captivating, encouraging users to explore more pages and increase session durations. To accomplish this, we looked at user behaviour. We focused on understanding the user journey, analysing the performance of top pages and improving site speed for a smoother browsing experience. This strategy kept users engaged, helped attract new users and guaranteed the website consistently offered value.

Innovative strategies for performance optimization

Site performance carries exceptionally substantial weight when it comes to determining the first impression left on a user. In our initial analysis of the RDS website, we found that slow load times were likely causing a less-than-optimal first impression and user experience across all devices. With a predominantly new user base, the website called for a lasting, positive first impression. To combat this concern, we focused on structuring images and content delivery to significantly reduce load times. We also adjusted elements that improved the website's speed and interactivity. This delivered on RDS's goal of not just attracting users but also providing them with an efficient and enjoyable experience.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • Iconography and illustration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

A blend of tradition & vision

The RDS redesign demonstrates the power of a data-driven UX design strategy combined with a deep comprehension of user behavior. We meticulously enhanced the digital experience to amplify user engagement, with a special emphasis on mobile devices. By giving precedence to organic search traffic, we fine-tuned SEO tactics and content display. Through a mobile-friendly interface, we successfully reduced bounce rates and extended session durations. Elevating the prominence and accessibility of frequently visited pages, along with a dedicated effort towards crafting impactful first impressions and maintaining a seamless user experience, collectively contributed to a remarkable increase in engagement. This holistic redesign not only led to remarkable improvements across metrics but also solidified our commitment to a successful digital partnership.

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