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Artistically Amplifying Event Promotion


Elevating the entertainment experience

As Ireland's largest live music and event promoter, MCD stands as an iconic brand, hosting world-renowned artists at prestigious national venues like 3Arena and 3Olympia. As a digital agency with a passion for live music, comedy and theatre, partnering with MCD was a natural fit. From the outset, we embraced the challenge and committed to delivering a digital presence that matched MCD's visual style and design aspirations.

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Setting the stage for success

By understanding the significance of online media and ticket sales in the entertainment industry, we recognised the crucial role the website played in shaping showgoers' experiences. The goal was clear: craft a digital platform that would immediately immerse users in an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, ultimately driving them to purchase tickets. Our creative approach centred on bold, vibrant imagery and dynamic visual effects, setting the stage for a captivating user journey. Understanding MCD’s success hinged on two key metrics—ticket sales and gig promotion—we designed the website to function as both a powerful sales tool and an information hub. User experience remained a top priority, ensuring that audiences accessing the site from various devices could easily find the information they sought. The website had to be a central destination for a diverse range of users, united by their love for live entertainment.

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Empowering users on the go

With a focus on delivering an exceptional mobile experience, we ensured that the website elegantly displayed two shows in the listing, creating a seamless interface for users on the go that didn’t leave them scrolling aimlessly. The site loads quickly, even if a user is out and about. Our design team meticulously crafted intuitive elements to ensure users could also find and access information with minimal clicks. From prominent banner text to easily accessible social media links, video usage, show and door times, and event days, we curated a smooth and delightful user experience. Strategically placed imagery and assets also complemented the overall journey, allowing users to immerse themselves in the events. Our solution incorporated visual touchpoints and animation, guiding users to browse event listings seamlessly.

Empowering artists through imagery

To support individual artist promotion, we adopted an all-black design approach, allowing captivating imagery to shine and create an immersive user experience, drawing attention to the featured artists. Recognising the overuse of the red brand colour on the previous site, we implemented a clever colour strategy, using red sparingly and strategically to create a visual hierarchy that highlights key elements, such as primary banner CTAs. We designed event detail pages with a multitude of video and image sizes. The templates now offer diverse content options, including displaying event posters, ensuring the website emulates the atmosphere users would encounter at the actual events.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

Creating hype and a seamless user journey

The transformation of the MCD website exemplifies the successful collaboration of creative design and user-oriented thinking. By addressing pain points, enhancing content display, and fostering user engagement, we have successfully crafted a digital platform that not only generates hype around shows but also provides a seamless and immersive journey for users. The website now stands as a true reflection of MCD's dedication to excellence in the entertainment industry.

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