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Pioneering Digital Healthcare Transformation


Driving Positive Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

GH Research is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming the treatment of psychiatric and neurological disorders, providing a truly meaningful therapy to patients. Our digital partnership started with a comprehensive rebrand to support the organisation’s vision and mission and following that we reinvisioned GH Research’s online presence, with the aim of fostering a positive transformation within the healthcare industry.

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Refining GH Research's Online Presence

GH Research approached Kooba with a comprehensive set of objectives, aiming to create a platform that reflects the company's status alongside focusing on achieving professional look and feel for the website. Our design approach focused on enhancing GH Research’s image and recognition. The centrepiece of this strategy was the revitalisation of the logo, a crucial visual element that distinguishes the brand and anchors its marketing efforts. The selected colour palette convey’s brand personality, striking the needed balance clarity and consistency In selecting Brandon Grotesque as the primary font, we opted for a modern sans serif typeface with a geometric touch, aligning with GH Research's contemporary aesthetic and conveying a sense of sophistication and precision.Complementing these elements, stylized icons and a bespoke pattern were designed to harmonize with the overall brand refresh.

Kooba's UX-Driven Approach to Develop Trust & Quality

Understanding the crucial role that first impressions play in establishing trust, our team diligently worked to create a professional and engaging website for GH Research. Prior to project initiation, we conducted a comprehensive UX Review, which revealed the significance of desktop browsing for GH Research's users. While our design philosophy emphasizes mobile compatibility, we tailored our approach to ensure an exceptional desktop experience for GHR’s audience. Our UX and design specialists took a deep dive into the most-visited pages, ensuring that these areas continue to receive attention. To effectively represent GH Research’s brand identity and resonate with users' interests, we developed a digital brand book, which became our guiding light throughout the design process. Through unwavering dedication to user experience and interface design, Kooba proudly delivered a new website that not only met GH Research's technical performance expectations but also encapsulated the essence of their brand.

A Complementing Digital Makeover

Along with the visual appeal, it was important for GH Research to streamline content accessibility by minimizing the number of clicks required and decreasing the time required to find information. By addressing these goals, GH Research aimed to enhance its online presence, improve user engagement and reinforce the brand's credibility within the healthcare industry, creating a sophisticated digital platform that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Iconography and illustration

A testament to the power of design and web development: Strengthening credibility and establishing a solid foundation for growth and innovation.

By combining GH Research's vision and Kooba's expertise in design and web development, we created a visually captivating website that truly reflects the brand's identity and dedication to revolutionizing healthcare. We successfully created a website that offers an efficient and intuitive navigation structure, ensuring visitors can easily find relevant information while accommodating future growth through interlinking. Our design strategy elevated GH Research's brand image, strengthened its credibility within the healthcare industry, and established a solid foundation for its future growth and innovation. The attention to detail in crafting a distinctive and relatable visual language resonated with the audience, fostering deeper connections and driving positive change. As a testament to the power of design and web development, this project serves as an inspiration for others seeking to create meaningful digital experiences.

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