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A Radical Digital Transformation


Dignity Health Group needed a radical digital transformation of their existing web presence

Kooba delivered on this objective with a full in-depth UX digital landscape review, and introduced a radical new design, improved user experience and a flow focused on the 'quick enrolment' KPI. *DHGE rebranded to OpusVi in 2023 and the website made redundant.

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Creating a site in line with a goal

The main goal of the website was straightforward: to increase the number of enrolments. During requirements gathering, we identified the key challenge, namely that the forms in use did not adopt design best practices and as a consequence were hard for site users to complete. Our new user flow and improved UX drove traffic to the forms faster and in greater volumes, but we needed to ensure that those forms were also easy to complete. By introducing a simple 3 step process, linear forms, and in-line form progression, we successfully minimised drop-offs. Although each form has to gather a lot of information, we made this experience more enjoyable for the user by providing positive validation at every step and for every field. In addition, by properly organising forms into discrete elements, we were able to split it into 3 simple steps rather than a 'wall' of form inputs. Other subtle improvements to the input design and layout greatly improved the success rate of the form.

Focus on flow

Simplicity is a key driver of all our design and development decisions. To ensure the user was being brought to the right course for them, we wanted to make navigation as easy and simple as possible. Right from the homepage, we introduced measures to support diverse user groups, enabling each to self-identify into a particular area of the site. This allowed the user to be funneled to the right program types for them and find the information they needed faster.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • CMS integration
  • Iconography and illustration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

An immersive and memorable web experience

The DHGE has seen huge improvements with a 201.94% increase in sessions and a 54.87% increase in organic traffic. By introducing an intuitive user journey and displaying a variety of content through mixed media we have been able to increase overall web goal completion. *DHGE rebranded to OpusVi in 2023 and the website made redundant.

Award Ceremony Year
Hermes Creative Awards Website Redesign 2021
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