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A digital acceleration solution

Kooba designed and developed a world-class web solution for Cloudsmith, specialists in secure, universal, web-scale package management.

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Informing decisions

At Kooba we understand that a huge amount of any purchasing decision takes place before any conversation begins. On that basis, it was essential that the Cloudsmith website ‘does the talking’ and helps the visitor really understand the product - both in terms of features and the benefits it delivers to their business.

Driving the metrics that matter

Kooba specialise in designing and delivering exactly this type of solution for some of Ireland's most successful B2B Saas names. We bring a laser focus to conversion-led design and development, and partnered with Cloudsmith to deliver a best-in-class website that provides an entirely intuitive, seamless and natural browsing experience and prioritises common journeys and goals throughout.

What we did

  • ux
  • architecture
  • cms
  • graphics
  • seo

The result

A platform designed to support rapid experimentation and testing

The 2 major objectives for the Cloudsmith site were lead generation and the creation of a site that really communicated effectively for the end-user. Through an extensive UX process we created an intuitive user journey and implemented progressive navigation to make it as easy as possible for a user to do one of the desired actions; buy or sign up for a trial.

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