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A Digital Haven for Accessible Learning


Championing universal design principles

The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design’s (CEUD) digital platform is a testament to meticulous design, serving as a beacon of accessibility and inclusivity. The primary objective was to provide an immersive educational experience, imparting knowledge and inspiring users to champion universal design principles effortlessly. The intuitive interface engages and empowers users, fostering an inclusive learning environment. By fulfilling diverse audience needs, CEUD's platform strives to be the go-to destination for comprehensive, updated knowledge on universal design principles, embodying accessibility and inclusivity.

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Strategic design choices, powerful outcomes

The revamped CEUD website embodies a seamless fusion of clever design choices and unparalleled usability. Confronting the challenge of maintaining creativity without compromising accessibility, it urged us to think innovatively and venture beyond conventional design choices. The site's aesthetics captivate users with a clean and welcoming interface, promoting engagement through compelling visuals and well-structured content. Streamlined navigation, combined with strategically placed visual cues, and a simple layout guarantee a user-friendly experience. Beyond aesthetics, our design strategy prioritises simplicity without sacrificing depth, enabling users to immerse themselves in a visually pleasing environment. Noteworthy design elements encompass mobile optimisation, engaging typography, streamlined navigation, sign language video integration, and strategic engagement mapping techniques. Each design element was carefully curated to elevate the overall user experience, highlighting the platform's unwavering commitment to excellence.

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The tech behind CEUD's digital success

CEUD's technical architecture centered around an exceptionally clean codebase and continuous testing. The website adeptly embraced the ever-evolving digital landscape with a mobile-responsive design and a robust multi-language support system. Continuous refinement of performance ensured excellent usability scores, with a persistent focus on achieving improved page speeds. The underlying technology stack empowered efficient content management, and the chosen CMS, known for its accessibility, underwent refinement in collaboration with visually impaired clients. This collaborative effort aimed to ensure their comfortable and meaningful use of the CMS. Rigorous testing, including assessments with screen readers, the AXE monitor and further accessibility audits, ensured that the site achieved its targeted AA conformance level. The holistic approach to technical considerations underscores CEUD's commitment to maintaining a cutting-edge and inclusive digital platform, ​​ensuring a unified journey for every visitor.

Redefining engagement metrics

The CEUD website establishes an inclusive environment for all users. Substantial improvements in engagement and satisfaction are apparent, attributed to enhanced accessibility features such as refined search functions and themed browsing. The website's performance metrics reveal a dynamic and expanding user base, attracting a substantial number of new users and fostering increased engagement from returning visitors. Returning users now exhibit heightened interaction levels, indicating their comfort with the platform and its content. Demographically, the site showcases balanced gender representation and engagement across diverse age groups, affirming its broad appeal and consistent user engagement patterns.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • Iconography and illustration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

The CEUD site is now a digital platform that stands as an exemplary model of meticulous design and commitment to accessibility.

Designed to provide an immersive educational experience, the revitalised platform effortlessly inspires users to champion universal design principles. The intuitive interface fosters inclusivity, creating an engaging and empowering learning environment. Beyond aesthetics, the revamped website prioritizes simplicity without sacrificing depth, ensuring users can immerse themselves in a visually pleasing environment. The achieved accessibility conformance allows the site to be a platform for all types of users leading to increased engagement and satisfaction. The dynamic user base, balanced representation and ongoing commitment to technical excellence solidify CEUD's position as a leader in inclusive digital practices.

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