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A digital transformation to showcase actavo's capabilities

Actavo serves as a strategic international operational partner, primarily engaged in the B2B sector. The company specialises in the management of diverse and intricate contracts across various divisions, including Network & In-Home Services, Industrial Services, Events Infrastructure and Modular Buildings. Operating in multiple locations such as Ireland, the UK, the Caribbean and the Middle East, Actavo sought a new website capable of showcasing both group-wide content and divisional offerings seamlessly. In the wake of significant transformations within Actavo Group over recent years, it became evident that its former website no longer aligned with the brand's calibre, the breadth of its services, or the excellence of its people.

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Conversion focused UX

During our initial discovery phase, we recognised a critical need for Actavo to enhance the visibility of its services within each division. This was given top priority during the design of the new website, where we crafted specific modules dedicated to showcasing the unique services and associated content. During the design process, Kooba implemented interactive features such as reactions triggered by cursor hover or clicks, elevating the user experience to a more dynamic and immersive level. Additionally, we integrated an interactive map into the banner section of the locations page, delivering a captivating user journey and illustrating Actavo's global reach. This user-friendly design empowers visitors to effortlessly access information tailored to their specific location and service needs.

A user-centric experience

Our mission was to revamp the website, ultimately capturing users' attention more effectively. To accomplish this, we strategically integrated mixed media types across the homepage, each corresponding to content such as "Services", "International Reach," and "Careers." The content itself serves as a powerful showcase of Actavo's capabilities and thought leadership, leaving a lasting impact on visitors. Furthermore, we enhanced the Careers section by seamlessly integrating a third-party platform. This innovation allows Actavo to effortlessly upload and showcase job listings on the website, while providing users with a streamlined experience to interact with and apply for positions.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

The revitalised site boasts an elevated user experience, features a clean and visually appealing design, and a flexible site structure.

The new design now allows the user to explore Actavo’s expertise by sector, location and service while also effectively highlighting the company's capabilities. The average pages visited per session now stands at 2.28, surpassing the standard rate of 2 pages per session. The average session duration stands at an impressive 1 min 42 seconds, which significantly exceeds the industry averages. Further improvements include optimised performance metrics, including a desktop score of 94, largest contentful paint of 1.6s, first input delay of 3ms and cumulative layout shift of 0.08ms.

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