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Tapping into a New Era of Immersive Video Experiences


Interactive Video Learning with a Distinct Identity

Tapybl is a gateway to a new dimension of digital interaction, crafted to elevate smart device viewing experience which goes beyond conventional passive video consumption. Kooba reimagined Tapybl's brand presence resulting in a fusion of digital learning allure and the company's inherent maturity. It was important that the refreshed brand would appeal to a diverse audience, allowing it to connect with users on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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The Balancing Act

Tapybl's brand essence revolves around innovation, interactivity and redefining video consumption for the next generation. It communicates a unique proposition: transcending passive viewing to active engagement within video content. In the face of technological evolution and changing consumer expectations, Tapybl found itself at a critical crossroads as they transitioned towards personalized learning solutions for academia and corporate enterprises. The challenge for Tapybl was to evolve and mature while preserving the youthful essence that defined its identity. The ask was clear, to help Tapybl create a contemporary brand for their innovative platform that would resonate with the next generation of users and position the company as a leader in the evolving digital landscape.

The Kooba Effect

Through an interactive collaboration process, Tapybl underwent a transformative journey, embracing a comprehensive rebranding driven by thoughtful research and strategic planning. The outcome is a full brand transformation marked by a new logo, a versatile colour palette for digital and product applications, captivating photography, and distinctive typeface that collectively brought Tapybl's refreshed identity to life. A brand narrative that resonates strongly with new age learners and gracefully balances innovation with maturity, addressing varied needs while also staying true to its dynamic identity. The brand now embodies a dynamic, youthful, and exciting yet professional persona, making it equally appealing to educational institutions seeking effective learning tools and businesses in need of top-notch training solutions.

Artistry in Rebranding

Adding more details to the revamp, the logo-mark encapsulates the visual representation of a user's interaction with the screen, triggering a meaningful event. It embodies the essence of this event, symbolising it as a 'spark' or a 'touch of magic'. This foundational concept behind the logo and brand identity weaves a narrative that is entirely distinctive to Tapybl. Given Tapybl's innovative, dynamic, and groundbreaking nature, our aim was to exude vitality, enthusiasm and a forward-looking perspective through our font selection. We opted for GT Walsheim for its blend of approachability and accuracy. When combined with the logo-mark, it enhances one another in terms of form and character, creating a bespoke look and feel. For colour selection, we meticulously curated a palette that directly resonates with Tapybl's primary demographic - Generation Z. The application of these colours infuses an added vibrancy and youthful energy, perfectly mirroring the brand's dynamic personality.

What we did

  • Iconography and illustration

The Result

Tapybl now exudes a contemporary and professional image

Tapybl's transformation yielded tangible outcomes along with fostering a deeper connection with its audience. The impact of this evolution was clear: Tapybl reached more people than ever and struck a chord with the younger generation. In response to shifting market dynamics, Kooba’s innovative approach along with Tapybl's strategic pivot laid the groundwork for potential revenue expansion and an improved competitive stance. Tapybl wanted to be both dynamic and competitive in the video analytics landscape, standing shoulder to shoulder with giants like YouTube and Vimeo. Its appeal to both educational institutions and businesses proved its ability to adapt and stay relevant, cementing its position as an industry frontrunner.

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