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Cutting-edge tech for a global audience

Payslip stands as a world-class payroll control platform, renowned for its leadership in automation and integration services. Having solidified their position in the landscape of multinational organisation payroll management, Payslip recognised the need for an elevated online presence that would seamlessly align with their forward-thinking philosophy. The revamped digital presence now mirrors Payslip's standing as a cutting-edge technology platform dedicated to delivering and managing global payroll solutions for large multinational enterprises.

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Enhancing user experience for lead generation

Central to Payslip's vision was the pursuit of a seamlessly immersive user experience. The refined website aimed to establish novel user pathways, intricately crafted through a lead generation-centric UX strategy. This approach hinged on the compelling narrative power of customer success stories, case studies and dynamically tailored landing pages. The user journey received a substantial boost, driven by a thoughtfully designed call-to-action system featuring primary and secondary buttons, simplifying the process of initiating a service demonstration. To visually captivate and inform prospective clients, we harnessed the potency of engaging narratives through client testimonials and case studies. Now, every visitor encounters pertinent and persuasive content, skillfully guiding them toward the coveted conversion point.

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Spotlights career growth and ongoing education

The newly designed website serves as a pivotal instrument in shaping Payslip's recruitment strategy, positioning the company as a champion of an employee-first culture. By emphasising career development and prioritising ongoing education, Payslip communicates its commitment to fostering professional growth and creating an environment where employees thrive. The website not only showcases job opportunities but also provides a glimpse into the company's values and dedication to supporting the journey of its team members. This strategic alignment underscores Payslip's appeal to prospective talent, presenting a dynamic and engaging platform that goes beyond recruitment to reflect a commitment to the holistic well-being and advancement of its workforce.

Bridging desktop and mobile user experiences

During our research, website analytics revealed a prominent mobile user base, underscoring the need for a cohesive user experience across all devices. While desktop sessions exhibited a longer duration, mobile users presented a lower bounce rate, signaling a nuanced user behaviour. Recognising the disparity, our website redesign aimed to bridge the gap, ensuring a seamless browsing experience regardless of the device. Our focus on mobile design optimisation sought to align session durations and diminish bounce rates, cultivating a unified and user-friendly interface that caters to the prevailing mobile-centric landscape. These enhancements contribute to a more harmonised and user-centric online experience across devices.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

A digital catalyst for global payroll excellence

Payslip's strategic online transformation positions it as a cutting-edge global payroll solution. The refined website, accentuating compelling narratives and user-friendly pathways, significantly improves the overall experience. Strengthening recruitment efforts, Payslip embodies an employee-first culture committed to professional growth. The optimised mobile interface aligns session durations and diminishes bounce rates, underscoring Payslip's dedication to innovation and excellence in payroll management, recruitment and mobile interaction.

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