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A Historic & Modern Venue


Reading the faces of entertainment

The iconic Olympia Theatre is a destination for all kinds of people – music fans, theatre lovers, those interested in the theatre’s legacy, and those eager for the newest talent. Not to mention, there are several types of users approaching 3Olympia’s digital presence: those expecting to admire the iconic theatre, those with logistical questions, and those ready to buy a ticket. An audience as large and diverse as 3Olympia’s needed a website robust enough to engage similar traffic.

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Mirroring the experience of the venue

One of Ireland’s most iconic venues, 3Olympia has held audiences and world class talent to Dublin for the last 140 years. This diverse audience along with the wide array of acts 3Olympia puts on is what makes the venue so unique. The challenge was to craft a site that appeals to the different ‘faces’ of the theatre without losing the nostalgia and personality of the venue itself. Using 3Olympia’s rich promotional assets and imagery, we designed to not only highlight upcoming events but also to incorporate the iconic building and unique history into the site in a visual way, weaving in the building, story, and legacy of theatre.

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Digitally ushering the crowd

The new site was designed to act as both a sales tool and information hub that ushers varied users to their desired information in as few clicks as possible. For instance, we designed clear CTAs that young & older audience members alike could navigate. Such CTA’s were designed to guide users to admire, learn or purchase depending on their goal. Now, users who wish to learn about the significance of the venue are able to easily navigate toward areas of the site like the ‘Venue History’ page. Site visitors who seek information regarding calendars, showtimes, directions, or general queries are directed to helpful areas of the website such as an FAQ section or interactive venue map. And users now have an easier journey from entering the site to purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster. The new site brings the audience exactly where they need to go – with plenty of time before the show begins.

Rebranding for a three Ireland sponsorship

While crafting a site that illustrates the roots of the the venue, we were also conscious of incorporating the recent Three sponsorship and rebrand into the design. Specifically, a new typographic system was introduced to not only enhance the brand, but to create a user friendly, consistent system throughout the website. The new type system allows the page to draw the user’s attention to the right content. Consistency in the branding served two purposes at once: refreshing the branding to reflect the sponsorship, and streamlining the lead generation process.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

Informative, strategic & high-performing

3Olympia members have expressed the ease at which they can access key FAQs, see upcoming shows, and purchase tickets. Not to mention, the 3Olympia operations team has seen a decrease in phone calls and emails regarding general inquiries since the site launch. The drastic visual changes on the site have successfully presented information to various customer profiles. 3Olympia’s online presence also underwent a massive brand change alongside their partnership with Three Ireland. And not only is the site informative and strategic, but also high performing. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the site has seen an increase in sessions, users, page views, and pages per session. The metrics are a good indication that the new CTA and search systems are encouraging higher engagement and click behaviour.

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