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Bringing the best of live entertainment to Ireland

3Arena, the largest venue in Ireland, hosts a staggering 120 shows per year across various genres, attracting patrons from around the world. Owned and managed by global entertainment group Live Nation, this iconic destination can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 13,000 people depending on the style of show. When 3Arena approached Kooba, the task was clear - to curate a website that mirrored the same sense of enjoyment and ease that the venue evokes for its diverse and extensive audience.

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From pain points to solutions

3Arena’s objectives were tailored to several audiences. Their old site fell short of meeting the diverse needs of its customer base. The overarching mission was to deliver a better digital experience not only to their general audience but also to their existing membership base, prospective members and new businesses. This went beyond aesthetics and extended to optimised site performance with quick load times across, even amidst the bold imagery.

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Crafting a vibrant digital experience for all audiences

The exploration portion of the redesign process brought to light several observations and findings from the previous site. Notably, the show listing page, the second most visited after the homepage, demanded enhanced accessibility and an intuitive user flow. The inclusion of a site-wide search feature, beyond just artists, was deemed essential to guide visitors to their desired search terms, reducing drop-off rates. Additionally, strong signposting across all pages was integrated to ensure content discovery. choices collectively worked to create a more engaging and user-friendly website. The redesign aimed to make information filtering more intuitive by adding a 'Genre' filter, enhancing user engagement, and offering similar artists or events. To replicate the 3Arena experience, engaging content types were introduced through third-party integrations. Improving Call to Action (CTA) elements was another crucial decision, involving enhancing visual appeal, establishing a hierarchy for primary and secondary actions, and distinguishing actionable from non-actionable content.

A focus on membership

Both the primary 3Arena website and the club-specific sites served as pivotal tools in establishing and amplifying brand recognition. They were designed to not only act as information hubs but also as seamlessly navigable platforms, strategically guiding users towards their desired content. While these three sites are heavily interconnected, there were two supplementary objectives to consider for the club sites. In addition to their role as information hubs, they also functioned as marketing platforms, effectively spotlighting the array of exclusive membership benefits. This included an FAQ section crafted to address member inquiries regarding upcoming events, pricing details, and more.

What we did

  • UI / UX design and development
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy and development
  • CMS integration
  • SEO analysis and implementation

The result

A dynamic entertainment hub

The 3Arena and its associated club sites serve as dynamic hubs, engaging not only the venue's fans and target customer base but also acting as a vital resource for promoter partners and artist management accessing essential venue details. The sites foster lead generation, all while meticulously highlighting upcoming events and providing an efficient space where users can effortlessly find important venue information while getting their queries answered in one to two clicks. The strategy really came down to the following: 3Arena wanted their website that reflects the creativity and energy that their artists and patrons bring to their business.

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